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How To Prevent Roof Rot

Roofing Contractors in Ann Arbor

How to Prevent Roof Rot & Damage to Your Home in Ann Arbor

Roof rot is serious business! Roof rot breaks down the very roofing foundation exposing it to risk of collapse and becoming a bigger more expensive problem. 

Main Causes of Roof Rot

  • High humidity caused by your attic temperature.
  • Extreme moisture as a result of high humidity.
  • Ventilation system is inefficient.

At Wilderness Construction, Inc., we want to educate our customers when it comes to proper home maintenance care that can ultimately help you save hundreds of dollars! If you want to learn how to prevent moisture build up that cause roof rot, it starts with proper maintenance and seasonal care to your home, including:

  • Remove all debris 
  • Repair cracked or loose shingles
  • Ensure your roof ventilation system is working
  • Inspect your roof at least once a year
  • Keep moisture levels in your attic between 40-60 percent.

If you do all this, you’re sure to beat moisture build-up! 

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